Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

There is a high of 75 today in Salt Lake City... and I'm so very excited! It is definitely no longer hat weather here...
Time for some pretty spring dresses. This is my favorite item to make - enjoy!!!


Suzanne said...

Sara these are really awesome. I have wanted to start a project like this for so long. How do you start thinking about what you want the top to look like? Did you start from patterns? I'd love some tips. It's warming right up here in the south and so some cute unique dresses would be wonderful to have. Thanks

Saraloves2dance said...

I typically find a stitch that I think will look cute and then try to make the top look something like a dress I already have, or a dress I've seen in a magazine, store, etc that I really like. Best of luck stitching!