Sunday, December 23, 2012

Light Up Rug DIY

I completely stole this DIY from Wonder How To  after seeing their image on Pinterest.

You will need:
-A string of LED lights.
-Some thick and quick yarn in white (or rope works too).
-A really big crochet hook (like the huge plastic ones- like a P).

Make this in the same way you made your Crochet Care Basket.  That DIY will show you how to crochet around a big thing...  and this one is a little tricky, so have some patience (YOU CAN DO IT!).

*REALLY REALLY REALLY IMPORTANT NOTE...  If your LED lights get HOT, don't leave this plugged in unattended or for a really really really long time...  fire hazard people!... Don't need to add to the risk of dried out Christmas trees and fried turkeys, OK?

Happiest of Holidays!


lee woo said...

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sarah lee said...

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w8in4dave said...

I'm going to try this with some kind of twine

w8in4dave said...

I'm going to try this with some kind of twine

cherylann4557 said...

If you use cotton yarn it's less likely to burn,and get the lowest voltage on the lights too,as it'd be GREAT as a bathroom rug/nightlight ❤❤❤