Monday, December 2, 2013


I love celebrating those who make!  Take part of your Cyber Monday to support an American artisan today!  And for all of you who make stuff yourself, take 20% off knit and crochet patterns on Etsy and Ravelry.  Read below for coupon code!  Happy stitching!  Happy holidays!


Wednesday, November 27, 2013


So...  I've been going a little coo coo nuts seeing all the black Friday commercials this week and all the stores open on Thanksgiving!  Don't you think it's a bit ironic that the day we are supposed to be giving thanks for all we have is now a day devoted to shopping - probably for stuff we don't really need?  UGH... ick.

So... that had me down.... and I seriously have a zillion papers to write (50 pages down- who knows how much more to go!).

But what was REALLY bumming me out was not being able to see my sister this Thanksgiving.  FIRST TIME without her.  About a year and a half ago, she moved to Boston to start a PhD program at Harvard.  She is brilliant, bright, funny, and a complete joy to be around.  I brag about her all the time and miss her so much!  We've known since the semester started she probably wouldn't make it out this year - she has to turn in all the work for her Pre- Qualifying Exam (PQE) this week and is ridiculously busy.  We didn't even want to visit her in Boston and distract her or stress her out.

So yesterday morning we were sending facebook messages back and forth while both working like mad on our school work and joking about Skyping her in on dinner and if Skype had a teleport pie function... and I was missing her so. darn. much!  Ugh... yesterday was a rough one...

Well... one of my favorite sister moments was during my Freshman year of college.  I had just moved away and we were missing each other quite a lot.  Amanda was on dance team and cheerleading (YES... she is brilliant AND talented... you'll just have to meet her one day) and she was competing at nationals in Las Vegas.  I called her a few times to tell her how sad I was that I couldn't be there before I hopped on a plane to Vegas...  I knocked on her hotel room and hid, when she answered the door- first she looked angry, then confused, then happy, then so happy she started crying.  So proud I was able to surprise her!

Well, last night I went to bed feeling a bit bummed.  In the middle of the night Amanda burst into my room and flipped on all the lights...  First I was angry, then confused, then happy, then so happy I started crying.  BEST. FREAKIN. SURPRISE. EVERRRRRR!

Amanda's arrival got me right into the holiday spirit- which was so sadly missing yesterday.  I hope you all have the most amazing Thanksgiving with the people you love.  I am so so so thankful for my family, holiday surprises, and all of you.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

Love, Sara (and Amanda too! YAY!)

Friday, November 8, 2013

Toms Marketplace

If you know me, or have been reading this blog... you know I love the idea that craft and social entrepreneurship can change the world (It's a part of my graduate thesis)!  A lot of companies are using craft based products (crochet and jewelry making in Uganda, knitting in Peru, fabric batik in Ghana) to provide jobs and a starting place for economic growth in areas with a lot of poverty.

For the past few Christmases, I have posted about companies you can buy from that not only make great products, but are working to make the world a better place.  Now you can see them all gathered on one easy site.  World changing has NEVER been so easy.  Check out Tom's Marketplace to see how they have brought a ton of cool companies together to change the world through how we shop.

AND I LOVED seeing my old bosses from Krochet Kids international up there... AND even one of the products I helped work on during my time there... the Hoot!

Go shop.  Buy cool things.  Make the world a better place.  Feel awesome.  It's that simple.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Vintage Style Poncho

I'm very behind in school, but this weekend I just felt the need to make stuff.  So finally... a new pattern!  Stitch happy, all!

Find it on Etsy, Ravelry, and Craftsy!

Email me with questions.

Friday, September 13, 2013

My Heart in Colorado

I love my home state more than I can put into words.  The extreme weather we have seen here in the last two years between forest fires, blizzards, and floods has effected so many lives and destroyed so many homes.  Last weekend,  I took my visiting aunt up to Rocky Mountain National Park.  We have a yearly pass to this place which is truly one of my absolute favorite spots in the whole world.  For us, it is a quick hour on Highway 34 up a mountain canyon along a small river and we can hike through some of the most beautiful mountains in existence.  Below is a video of what that road looks like today.  My heart is a little broken knowing I won't be able to visit my sanctuary for a while.  Here in north Fort Collins, we are cut off from south Fort Collins.  The city is shut down and just about every road that crosses the Poudre River is closed in case it takes out a bridge. All of I-25 is closed and lots of it is covered in water.   The Red Cross has set up at my old elementary school.  I'm completely safe, but my heart is breaking for all the fantastic people in this state.  Love to you Coloradoans - the best people in the world!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Pineapple Leggings DIY

So I'm teaching dance this year, and wanted to show off my crochet in some pants I can dance in... TA DA... the Pineapple Leggings.  These take some patience to make, but are well worth it in the end! 

You will need:
-Stretchy leggings (this will be tough if your leggings are REALLY tight, go for some you get into and out of easily!)
-Size 3 cotton crochet thread (that's the thicker kind)
-A smallish crochet hook like an E or an F... it doesn't have to be specific.
-Sewing pins
-Needle and thread
-Sharp scissors

Start by chaining 2.
Row1:  1 sc in second ch from hook.  Turn
Row 2:  Ch 3. (2tc, Ch 2, 2tc) in sc of previous row.  Turn.
Row 3:  Ch 2.  2dc in each of the next 2 tc, 4 dc in ch-2 space, 2 dc in each of the next 2 tc.  (12 dc total.)  Turn.
Row 4:  Ch 3. *1 tc in dc of previous row.  Ch 1.  Repeat from * across ending with a tc in the final dc.  Turn.
Row 5:  Ch 1.  *1 sc in tc of previous row.  Ch 3 and skip ch-1 space of previous row.  Repeat from *across ending with 1 sc in the final tc.  Turn.
Row 6:  Ch 1.  *1 sc in ch-3 space of previous row, Ch 3.  Repeat from * across ending with 1 sc in the final ch-3 space.  Turn.
Repeat Row 6 decreasing in the number of ch-3 spaces in each row until there is 1 ch-3 at the bottom.
Row 7:  Ch 1.  1 sc in the final ch-3 space.  Turn.
Repeat Row 2-7 four more times (so there are 5 pineapples total).
At the end of the 5th pineapple, make a sc border going up and around the edge of the entire string of 5 pineapples.  Then ch1 and turn and make a second row of sc border.  Cut and bind off.  MAKE TWO OF THESE!

Now grab your leggings.  Use your sewing pins to attach the crochet pieces to the outside of the leg starting at the bottom and working up toward the outer hip.  Take your needle and thread and hand sew the piece onto the leggings working only through the sc border you made at the end.  Take your time on this - use small stitches so there are very little gaps that are not sewn on.

Once the crochet pieces are sewn on - make sure you can still get into the leggings.  The crochet doesn't stretch like your leggings do (this is why you want leggings that are not too tight)!

Now turn the leggings inside out, grab your scissors, and cut out the legging fabric that is under your pineapple stitch so you can see through the crochet piece.  Don't cut too closely to your sewing!  You can always cut off more later, but you don't want to risk cutting that hand sewing that took you so long to complete!

And BOOM!  You have some super cool leggings.  Go do some yoga, take a dance class, or wear out on the town.  This could also look really cool on a shirt with long sleeves - just use less pineapple repeats and get creative with it!

Happy stitching!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lace at the Avenir ...and how crochet saved lives...

Hi all!  Hope you had a fantastic weekend!  I sure did!  (Check out my instagram for pics of the Maroon Bells up in Aspen - I really love my homestate!!!)

I keep talking about this fun DIY I want to share - but it involves black leggings - and with temps in the 90's here - I just haven't been able to force myself to put them on and take pictures of them.  If it ever cools down - it will be coming - till then, if you have an extra pair of black leggings lying around (or any other color), get them ready for a cool crochet DIY!

So one of the coolest things about the grad program I'm in (Design and Merchandising and Colorado State University) is that we have our own museum - WHAT?  Pretty cool, huh?  The Avenir is our own little textile museum that exhibits darn cool historical and cultural textiles.  Last year they had a ton of really cool Peruvian weaving and THIS YEAR historic lace!!!

HISTORIC LACE!!!  That means there are some wicked cool historical crochet pieces in there right now.  Fun fact learned at the lecture last week - selling Irish crochet lace helped keep families alive during the Irish potato famine.  It literally saved lives.  (I'm 1/4 Irish - and my family members lived through the potato famine - maybe they were crocheters - I'll have to check into it!)  Anyway - I love stuff like that!

If you can make it to the museum here in Fort Collins - you should.  If not, I've included some of my favorite crochet pictures down below.  Enjoy.  Happy stitching!