The name Sans Limites comes from the famous mother of modern dance Isadora Duncan. She was a strong woman of style, a pioneer in the dance world, and a lover of fashion, barefoot dancing, and the French language. One of her most famous quotes, "My motto- sans limites!" inspires me daily. Sans Limites translates from French to mean "without limits" or "no limits." When you're creating, it's important to remember there are no limits.

Other things that consume my mind that you might read about on this blog include:

modern dance, African dance, Brazilian dance, art, travel, culture, poverty, learning, reading, family, friends, sustainable/ethical fashion, responsible shopping, changing the world, national parks, mountains, road trips, exploring, epilepsy, Boston Terriers, my dog Harley, Fort Collins, Colorado, buying local, the power of craft and handmade, school, self-improvement, finding happiness, enjoying the little things, and probably some other stuff too...

My dance days.

In Uganda

My very first knit project

Any questions on patterns, yarn choices, design tips, etc. send them my way! I'd be happy to let you know my thoughts! SansLimitesCrochet@gmail.com!