Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tour de Fat

I'm not a HUGE beer drinker... but I do have some serious pride for the breweries from my hometown of Fort Collins, Colorado. Most notable of our breweries is New Belgium - wind powered and employee owned. They are most well known for their Fat Tire beer... mmm mmm good! Fat tire is referring to a bike tire... in addition to being run on wind energy, the company promotes bike riding over car driving. They give away cherry red cruiser bikes, and once a year... at Tour de Fat they even have a funeral for the car of a person who commits to giving up driving in their car and riding their bike instead for one full year.

Tour de Fat is one wicked awesome bike parade combining creativity with energy efficiency. The entire city stops for this one day for a fantastic bike parade. Some serious creativity goes into the craziness of costumes. Luckily, my mother dear has saved 15 years of dance costumes at home which is what provided the silliness for me and my friend Emma.

But, while wondering around the festival I spotted this guy, in a crazy crochet mask/hat/cape entirely crocheted! How did I not think of such a thing!? Next year... my costume will be crocheted... and you should come to Tour de Fat where people follow their folly in a sustainable way and drink some amazing beer!

This is just another way to use your crafting creativity to take party in fun events in your community. I hope your city is as cool as mine!

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