Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Break

I am on Fall Break from school and home visiting the family where the leaves are a brilliant yellow and there is a perfect Fall chill in the air. During this break from school, I should be working on my to - do list (finishing up the Darn Good Yarn patterns, a Halloween theme project for Etsy Shredwear, some U of U hats, and a skirt I've been putting off making for myself for a month now.) But of course, instead of making any progress on my list, I put my dog Harley through some minor torture - all in good fun of course.

Harley is the miniature dachshound my family got when I was in 6th grade. He used to be the fattest dog you'd ever seen - with his belly almost touching the ground (after a beef jerky eating incident). In his older years, he's been put on a diet and lost all his fat - one might even call him fit now- who knew? He also has developed some odd skin ailment in his old age that is making him lose his hair - I fear Harley will soon be a very ugly dog - but we still love him.

This recent cold chill in the air makes for a very cold doggy with no fat and no hair, so I spent the afternoon fashioning him a sweater - and he was a really good sport.

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