Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Etsy Spending Spree

I very rarely purchase jewelry. Why? Because I am found wearing the same stuff every single day... my birthstone ring from my grandmother, my evil eye ring I bought in Greece, my beaded bracelets my friend Destiny got in Africa, and my Dogeared Karma necklace. The last time I bought jewelry was this time last year when I was in Uganda and found tons of beautiful (and cheap) earrings... so I stocked up.

Well... I just went on an Etsy jewelry spending spree and got some absolutely AMAZING pieces... and for a very affordable price... so I really didn't spend that much!

Check out these awesome stores!

I love this beautiful cuff bracelet from MomsVintageTreasures!

I can't stop wearing this feather hair clip from FolkandFairyTale!

Right now I'm wearing this crystal necklace from bashfulowl!

I got a beautiful feather hair clip with this necklace from GutterGypsy!

Thinking about my jewelry purchases has me missing Africa which is why I can't wait to get this necklace from Truche!

If you are on the market for some awesome jewelry at an affordable price, buy handmade from any of these Etsy artists... so pleased with my purchases!

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