Thursday, January 5, 2012

Crochet Camera Strap DIY

I got a nice camera for Christmas... YAY!!!! A Canon Rebel. I think I have thoroughly annoyed my family walking around everywhere telling them to smile while I take their pictures on each and every setting. Thanks, family for your patience.

Anyway... I want to crochet up my camera, but keep it nice and safe at the same time. I attached the camera strap that comes with that lovely piece of equipment, but because I'm all about crochet... I'm adding some crochet love.

Because crochet has a tendency to stretch, I'm attaching this crochet strap ON TOP of the strap that came with the camera. So if you're making one too, this will keep you from having to make a strap that fits through your camera's strap loops which can be good and frustrating, so let's avoid it. Hoorah.

So this is what you will need...
-A collection of crochet thread in a color (or colors) that you like. I'm using Aund Lydia's in a size 10 thread... in almost every color imaginable. Yay.
-A very tiny crochet hook.
-Needle and thread

Make a series of these fancy granny squares. You will sew these together to make the decorative strap, and then attach it to the hard core strap with little sewing tacks. I made 10 and that fit my strap perfectly.

Ch 4. Join in a small loop with a sl st.
Row 1: Ch 3. 12 Dc into the center of the ch-4 loop. Join with sl st.
Row 2: Ch 3. *(Puff stitch in first Dc of previous row, Ch 1) 3 times. Ch 5. Repeat from * 3 more times. Join with sl st.
Row 3: Sl st into space between first and second puff stitch. Ch 3. *(Puff stitch into ch-1 space between puff stitches, Ch 1) twice. Ch 2. 5 Dc into ch-5 space of previous row. Ch 2. Repeat from * around and join with sl st.
Row 4: Sl st into space between first and second puff stitch. Ch 3. *Puff stitch into the ch-1 space bewtween puff stitches. Ch 3. (Dc, ch 1 into dc of previous row) twice. (Dc, ch 1) 3 times into third dc. (Dc, ch 1 into dc of previous row) twice. Repeat from * around. Join with sl st.
Row 5: Ch 1. 1 sc into each stitch and ch of the previous row. Make 3 sc on the corner stitch (the center dc of the 3 Dc into one of the previous row).
Cut, bind off, and weave in ends.

Attach each square with a single crochet seem in a neutral color.

Then begin sewing the crochet piece on top of the strap. I did this with lots of little "tacks" at the corners and center of each square, rather than a solid line of sewing down the strap, but you can do what suits your fancy.

And TA DA! Your fancy camera now looks a zillion times fancier! Behold the pictures below and email me at with questions or problems. Happy stitching.


KRags said...

I wonder what this would do as a "slip" cover for my photog it!! Your ideas are great!!

Anonymous said...

I'm totally in love! I've been wanting to invest in a super nice camera, I just don't have the monetary funds to do so. But when I do, you BET I'm making this.

I'm completely in love with all your projects, I'm so super excited I found you. You're so talented and amazing, and such an inspiration!

<33 Ashlynn.

Courtney said...

This would make a cool tribal/festive belt too!
-Courtney @

Tatiana said...