Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy First Day, Krochet Kids Interns!!!

Today is the beginning of intern orientation at Krochet Kids International! (You can keep up with the fun times at the Krochet Kids (INTERN)ational blog!)

Over the weekend, my fellow interns drove in to Newport Beach from all over the country, moved into our little beach house, and today they start learning about the inner workings at KKi headquarters in Costa Mesa.

As the future design intern, my future boss in currently working in Uganda- so I'm not needed until February. I'm taking advantage of a little extra time in the Colorado snow (which I might actually miss - never thought I would say that) and having some chill time with the family. I'm also still trying to raise some money for my living expenses during this unpaid internship which you can read more about in this LETTER TO YOU!

Even though I'm grateful for the extra Colorado time, can't help but really really really REALLY (did I include enough "really's" to get my point across?) wish I was there with them today!!!

In the mean time, I'm living vicariously through their facebook photos!

Thanks, future roomies! These pics were taken just a short walk from our intern house!!! REALLY, really really really... EXCITED!

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