Friday, January 13, 2012

Ruffle Sweater DIY

I was perusing through old posts from Rockstar Diaries when I saw a lovely ruffle sweater that Naomi was wearing... that lady has such incredible style!!!

So I instantly wanted one, and thought it might be something to make myself... and I did... and here's how.

First, I went on the prowl for a nice neutral colored sweater. The ideal would have a higher neck and button up the front, but really all that was necessary was for it to fit well around the shoulders (so I suggest that for your sweater too... but it really could be any fit or color you want...). I got lucky and found mine at ARC thrift store for $2!!! I love when that happens...

Now you need to find a little ruffle that you like... OR you can make it. Skilled sewers out there, you can probably sew some up pretty quick. Crochet Queens, there is a good pattern for how to make a ruffle in Interweave Press Crochet Edgings and Trims on page 54 (the Scroll Ruffle), page 62 (the Filet Ruffle), and page 66 (the Bell Ruffle). OR... you can go the really really easy route and buy a little lace ruffle, which is what I did, because lace is pretty.

You neeed...
-The Sweater
-The Ruffles (cut into 4 sections about 15 inches long each)
-Decent Scissors
-Needle and Thread in a matching color

Lay your sweater flat... even better, if you have a dress form or a willing friend, put it on them.

Grab your first piece of ruffle. Fold it in half to find out where the middle is, and line that middle up with the top shoulder seem of the sweater. Pin it about an inch and a half away from where the sleeve begins. Pin the ruffle in a straight line down the front and back (if you prefer, you can have the ruffle piece curve in the shape of the arm, but I much prefer how it looks when it is straight). Repeat this pinning process on the other side of the sweater. See the picture below!

Now you will pin the second ruffle to each shoulder. I pinned this piece so that it is about an inch and a half away from the first ruffle, and fairly close the the neck opening of the sweater. The end of the ruffle is about an inch above the first ruffle in the front, and falls just below the first ruffle in the back. If you like it positioned differently, go for it... pin how you like. See the picture below!

Once all the pinning is done and you have tried it on (carefully so as not to poke yourself) and you like how it looks, you can grab your needle and thread and gently hand sew on the ruffle pieces. ... and it should look like this! Have fun wearing your adorable sweater and email me at with any questions!

Now I just need to decide if I can get some use out of this in California! I hear it's been in the 70's. Yippee. Read more about my California adventure HERE.

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