Monday, February 27, 2012

Chain Necklace DIY

There are some cool versions of this all over Etsy and Ravelry... so let's make a chain necklace! WOOH! It's fairly simple and you will need...

- A skein of bulky yarn in a fun bright color (OR TWO!)
- A big crochet hook... like an N or a P
- A tapestry needle
- And of course a good pair of scissors

Chain 60 for a size Small and 120 for a size Large and join in a loop with a sl st. Knot the ends. This makes a really ugly knotted section, but don't worry about it cause it'll be covered later. Cool. Make 10 of those. Then cut a long string of yarn, wrap it around the knotted areas, thread the tapestry needle, and tuck in the ends. AND TA DA! Awesome chain necklace ready to go.

HUGE thank you to my roomie, JESS, for being my beautiful model!

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