Thursday, June 28, 2012

Colorado Distractions

I came back to Colorado crazy excited to get some exciting pattern ideas to paper. The I-Pad Case is finished and a duffle bag pattern will be here soon... BUT... there have been a lot of Colorado distractions going on over here!

First, my alarm went of at 2 in the AM yesterday so I could drive my little sister to the airport. The day finally came... she no longer lives in this awesome state! She's off to Boston to start her first lab rotation before she begins classes as an official graduate student AT HARVARD! Days have been filled with box carrying, apartment cleaning, food eating, and a lot a lot of tears! I miss her so much already!

Second, my home state is on fire. The first, largest, and most painful one began June 9 just a few miles outside my hometown. The High Park Fire has burned almost 90,000 acres and almost 300 homes. Almost 3 weeks after it started, it is only 75% contained. In the last week fires have popped up outside of Boulder AND Colorado Springs also destroying hundreds of homes. Temperatures here remain around the 100 degree mark, with lots of wind and lots of lightening, but not all that much rain.

But Colorado is an awesome state filled with REALLY awesome people. Everywhere you go there are signs thanking fire fighters (THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU TO EVERYONE PUTTING THEIR LIVES AT RISK TO SAVE OUR MOUNTAINS AND THE HOMES OF OUR NEIGHBORS). Every restaurant, even the local McDonalds, has replaced their tip jars with a jar to donate your change to victims of the fire. I love this state so much. It breaks my heart to see it burning, but I know the people that live here are as resilient and kind as they come.

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