Monday, July 2, 2012

Amazing Ladies

Krochet Kids is a truly amazing company that is changing the world... and there is a truly amazing group of ladies that keep it running. On this blog, I've made a couple posts about how awesome the women in Uganda and Peru are and you can read about them HERE. But right now I'm talking about a different group of ladies who you can't read about on the KKi website... the interns. They are truly the most amazing ladies I have had the pleasure to come across and you can read about them right now.

It takes a very special (and maybe slightly crazy) group of people to give up their lives for 5 months, move somewhere they've never been before, into a tiny apartment with 8 other strangers, and work their butts off all day, everyday... without getting paid. I was a bit nervous to meet them... but there was nothing to worry about. Only amazing people do stuff like that, and this group of ladies is beyond amazing.

The Care Bears: Katie, Jess, and Camille.
This awesome group of women spent their days packaging every order that came through the warehouse, managing returns, counting thousands and thousands of hats, and took on any other random job that came their way (like building a massive shelf system, painting the warehouse, and staining a ton of wood). When it came time for the gala, these women called restaurants, wineries, breweries, furniture rental places... you name it to get the stuff we needed. For two whole days leading up to the gala, they spent all their time in the burning hot kitchen cooking up some of the most delicious and beautiful food I've ever seen made before my eyes. They are a truly awesome group of women, and I can't wait to see what they go on to do in this world.

(Photo from Jess!)

The Events Team: Meghan, Kate, and Alex.
Everyday, I was amazed by how on top of life these three ladies always seemed to be. While they were here, they packed the events schedule, traveled over 7,000 miles, through 8 states, drove through the night many a time, slept on the floors of strangers, met a tone of crazy (but awesome) people, answered tons of emails, packed, unpacked and repacked the Durango, and raised tens of thousands of dollars for Krochet Kids international. Words can not describe how hard they rocked it. And we all send our best to Alex who left yesterday to spend 2 years in China as a Peace Corps volunteer! WOOH!

(Photos from Meghan and 31 Bits!)

The Lone Wolves: Liz, Leah, (and me).

Liz was our Social Media intern. Everyday she updated facebook, twitter, the intern blog, the KKi website, answered a zillion emails, and did so many other random but totally needed things when it came to social media that I can't even begin to list them all. She also helped paint the warehouse, stain wood, frantically fill a Nordstrom order, and generally just completely rocked at her job. Not to mention keeping us all positive, and saying just the right things at all the right times. We would have been lost without our Liz!

Leah came all the way from Australia to work with us! Beyond working so hard for free, she paid a ton to get here! Leah helped make things for the trade show, set everything up for photo shoots and planned the overall look for our gala. While the KKi staff was off at all the Washington galas, Leah was in the warehouse every day (we're talking Sundays too, guys) building walls and painting walls. It was downright impressive all she got done. Beyond that, Leah is an old soul and young at heart all at the same time. She is wise beyond her years and the first person to go to for advise, but also the first to jump in the ocean with all her clothes on. Truly an amazing woman.

So there it is... an ode to these amazing women! Thanks for all the laughs and for being there for me through all the sweat and tears (and the little bit of blood from those bowtie cases)!

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Liz Jones said...

Ma'am I think you forgot to include how absolutely awesome you were at your job and how random that could be at times. AND THAT YOU ROCKED EVERY ASPECT OF IT.