Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Crochet Pocket DIY

Have you seen all those awesome cut-off shorts with the cool patterns all over one side?  I love them!  Now here's a chance to make your own!

You will need:
-Some jean shorts (try getting them at a thrift store!)
-Some yarn or crochet thread in a few colors.  I wanted a more delicate look so opted for thicker crochet thread, but you can use some regulation yarn for this too.
-Crochet hook that matches your yarn gauge (for crochet thread I'm using a C)
-Needle and thread
-AND... if you want to create your own pattern different from mine, some graph paper could come in handy.

Required skills:
-Color changing (tutorial found HERE!)
-Decreasing (best to use single crochet 2 together)

So here's what you do...
Chain a multiple of 12 plus 1 if you are using my pattern.  If you made your own with graph paper, chain a multiple of whatever your pattern requires plus 1, so that it fits across the bottom of your shorts.

Now take your color changing skills into account keeping track of right and wrong sides to make this pattern. 

Start with this one:
Then repeat this one two times:
Keep repeating these alternating between the two patterns.  When you reach the opening for the pocket, start making the decreasing stitches.  For my pocket, I made 2 sc2tog stitches on the pocket end of each row.

When the piece fills the short pretty well, make a single crochet border around the whole piece to give it a finished edge.  Take your needle and thread and sew the piece onto your shorts.

And TA DA!  You've got some really super cool shorts!

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