Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Crochet Shoes DIY

OK... today I want to try attaching some crochet to really cute shoes...

You will need:
- Cheap shoes from goodwill that you won't mind trashing if you get carried away with Mod Podge.
-  Mod Podge Craft Glue
- Crochet thread (size 3- the thicker kind) in a couple colors
- A small crochet hook like a C

Some skills you're going  to need to count on:
-Increasing single crochet (like putting 2 stitches into one)
-Decreasing single crochet (like single crochet 2 together)
-Color changing skills

I can't count on what kind of shoes you're going to be doing this on, or the size... so this is going to require some design work on your part (you can do it!!!)!

Identify the main shape of the shoe.  Use your increasing and decreasing skills to make the piece fit right on the shoe like a slip cover.

If you are feeling especially design savvy, work your color changing skills in there to make a cool design.

When you are happy with the crochet pieces, take your mod podge and cover the shoe and crochet piece both.  Glue that crochet piece on.  A little glue might come through the stitches as you press the piece on and that's OK.  Let it dry for a day or two and then they are ready to wear!

I used these two images as inspiration for my shoes.
 Image from Fashion Me Now

 Vintage Anna Sui

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