Thursday, August 16, 2012


Mom and I have been in Utah for over a month now... if you don't count the 4 days we went home to spend some last time with Toro.  We've seriously been missing some dog cuddle time.  So yesterday we went to the Salt Lake Humane Society to give some love to some dogs there.  We stumbled upon this especially sweet stray, Lenard.  If we could take him home we would (in an instant), but 12-year-old Harley would never forgive us.  SO... if you live in Northern Utah...  or you know someone who does...  go show this dog some loving, and maybe even take him home with you...  My mom was quite sad to say goodbye, and it would really brighten her day to know he's no longer in a cage.  Thanks a ton.  Read more about Lenard HERE.

He loved getting scratched behind the ears, loved walking on a leash, will lean up against you if you sit next to him, and will lay his head on your shoulder when you hold him!  He could use a good bath and lots more food.  He's about 7 years old, came in as a stray, and has been there a month already!

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