Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Insta - SLC

This week has included so many of my happy things!

Here are the things I love in no particular order...
1. Dancing (CHECK)
2. Smiling, laughing, giggling, etc. (CHECK)
3. my little sister
4. chai tea
5. the color Purple
6. Sans Limites Crochet Stitch and Bitches (CHECK)
7. that week or two in fall where the leaves are magical (REALLY BIG CHECK)
8. National Parks and the Rocky Mountains (CHECK)
9. long walks with good friends (CHECK)
10. sunsets/rainbows/full moons/star gazing (CHECK)
11. waterfalls and the hikes that get you to them (CHECK)
12. West African dance... pretty much everything West African
13. victory over "that school down south"(CHEEEECK!!! 24-21!!!  GO UTES!!!)
14. the sound of the ocean
15. 70 degree sunshine (CHECK)
16. afternoon naps (CHECK)
18. the satisfaction of finishing a good book
19. taking a ridiculous amount of pictures (CHECK)
20. Road trips and journeys around the world (CHECK)
21. the "Stuff You Should Know" podcast (CHECK)
22. Thrift store shopping
23. Dog cuddles (CHECK)
24. learning new things (CHECK)
25. life in general (YAY CHECK!)

Hope your week has been rocking as hard as mine!

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