Monday, September 17, 2012


Hey all!  (Especially non-stitchers!)

Here's the deal... my patterns are getting lost in a jumble of so much stuff on my Etsy page... because there is just so much stuff!  SO... I'm splitting the shop in two.  In TWO WEEKS... there will be a Sans Limites Crochet PATTERN shop on Etsy and a Sans Limites Crochet ITEM shop on Etsy.

Before I make the split, all things on the Etsy site are 20% off so I can get rid of some of the crochet clutter before the split!  Just enter coupon code SPLIT (all caps)  to get your 20% off!

So what are you still doing reading this?  Go shop!!

There are some super cute items that have just been for sale toooooo gosh darn long!  Like these lovelies...

And STITCHERS... patterns are 20% off too!  For TWO whole weeks!  YAY!


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