Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Falling Leaves Scarf

I've been pretty excited about Fall... in Colorado especially, it is my FAVORITE time of year!  After a weekend of playing in the mountains with all the pretty falling leaves, you can now make and wear something that shows your love for the season too!

On Etsy and Ravelry and Craftsy!

And it will match perfectly with last year's DIY the Leaf Headband  if you feel like being extra seasonal!

And... funny story...
I was working on this pattern on my back porch yesterday and had to run inside to get a tape measure.  There was a massive spider - I mean practically tarantula sized and just as juicy- dangling over the door.  YIIIKES!  So when I came back out... I tried to do a graceful run/hop/door close... and ended up falling flat on my butt... not gracefully at all.  Luckily my crochet wrists were fine, but I have some major bruising on my bum (TMI?  Sorry!).  Looks like I'll be crocheting standing up this weekend!  Stupid spider!!!

Hope you are stitching happier than I!  Have a great one!