Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Why Coloradoans Rock and Texans Not So Much (Some weekend Insta-SLC)

Here are some instagram photos of my Labor Day weekend!

Saw Saints of Valory, Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue, and Mumford and Sons at Jazz Aspen Snowmass (all amazing).  Oatmeal pancakes in Aspen,  dog walking/pool sitting/movie watching/ dinner eating/ hiking in Vail.  It was a pretty good weekend.

Some reasons Coloradoans ROCK:
- The super fun crowd at the concert, who all cheered loudly when Mumford panted that we were all crazy to live at such an altitude.
-The awesome, super prepared guys with their bike lights.  (We maybe foolishly thought it would be a great idea to walk the bike path back to our car instead of waiting 10 hours in line for the shuttle...until the bike path ended and we found ourselves walking along a windy mountain road in the dark with all the shuttle buses... and a group of super prepared guys whipped out their flashing bike lights and spread out among all the walkers, pretty much saving us from being run over! Awesome.)
-Friendly firefighters that help you find a place to sleep at night when all the camp grounds are full.
-Getting invited to dinner with a bunch of chefs we had never met before!  (YUM and thank you!)
-Friendly hikers and their friendly dogs.
-All the good spirited people stuck in traffic with their windows rolled down enjoying the mountain air.

And Texans not so much...
While the rest of us were all patiently waiting in traffic on the way back to Denver,  an SUV with Texas plates kept exiting and hopping back on the freeway  in an attempt to bypass about 50 cars.  Since we saw them do that a couple of times... it obviously wasn't working... so then they started driving in the shoulder to pass people...  really not cool.  Not cool one bit, Texas!  (If you are from Texas and come to visit our great state... we don't do stuff like that here.  We're a friendly, layed-back, patient people.  Unless your wife is having a baby in the back... don't do that! Thanks in advance.)

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