Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A BIG Announcement

This time last year I was interviewing  for my design spot working with Krochet Kids international.  Such an awesome way to use stitching to make a difference in people's lives...  yet the biggest criticism I heard was "Why are you giving jobs to women in Africa, when people here need them?"

Well for the last few weeks they've been hyping a "BIG announcement."  AND today it came.  I heard some early whispers of this while I was there... excited to see it coming to life... but it needs your help to get off the ground.  HELP THEM WIN ONE MILLION DOLLARS!  (Dang - that's a lot of empowerment happening!)  So share the images below and read their press release...  spread it like wildfire, people!  Please and THANK YOU!  

Krochet Kids intl. (KKi) – a non-profit empowering communities around the globe to rise above poverty – was selected as one of twenty-five charities to participate in the American Giving Awards hosted by Chase Bank.  They have a unique proposition to rally support for their cause and votes for the Facebook voting platform November 27 – December 4.  The non-profit accessories brand that has successfully provided opportunities for communities in Uganda and Peru is looking to bring their life-changing model for empowerment home to the USA.

KKi has built a brand over the last five years focused on creating life-changing employment and educational opportunities to some of the most difficult areas in our world through the creation of their headwear and accessories line.  Over 180 women in Uganda and Peru are beneficiaries of this work and the organization is not stopping there.  If KKi wins the American Giving Awards they will be able to test their theory of change and empowerment for communities here in the USA.

KKi will partner with existing US-based organizations to implement their newest endeavor and ensure success of their programs in a very new context.  They are taking suggestions on potential project areas and communities.

What You Can Do To Help:
KKi is looking for the support of people leading up to the week of voting and during the week (Nov. 27-Dec. 4) to share this powerful story or empowerment at home.

“Help @krochetkids bring jobs to America!  Vote for them 11/27 – 12/4:”

Download our communication kit and use the images to change your cover photo and profile picture.

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