Friday, November 2, 2012

A Halloween Insta- SLC

I few instagram photos from Sans Limites' Halloween!  Hope yours was just as fabulous!


I was so tempted to break my clothing challenge and buy this amazing glitter and fringe flapper dress I found a few weeks ago when Rachel was in town.  Found it at a vintage store, but it was still brand new.  Closest I've come to not making it till my birthday without buying anything new!  AH!  But then I found this great Ann Taylor backless little black dress for $10 at a different thrift store... got that to be Audrey instead... and maintained my no new clothes goal! YES!

AND... another big thing... make sure you go out and vote today for early voting!  AND DEFINITELY VOTE ON TUESDAY!!!  Yay Democracy!  Let your American pride shine!  VOTE!

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Anonymous said...

SLC is a fantastic place to live. Congrats on the book and loved your Audrey Hepburn look. Me. Want. Cookies. Even ones that look like severed fingers.