Friday, November 16, 2012

Because I'm Proud to be...

... A CSU RAM!!!  Because I'm Proud to be A CSU RAM!

Yes... they chant that at football games.  I've chanted it many a time while cheering on my sister on the CSU Golden Poms Dance Team.  ...Until recently, I was the only person in my family without some tie to Colorado State University (Dad was a professor there, Mom got her PhD there, sister got her undergrad there)... and now I will be a graduate student there.  It's official!  Met with my adviser this week!

So what does this mean for Sans Limites Crochet?  I'm hoping it just means there might be a few less patterns coming out (cause I'll be busy)  but they will be a lot spiffier. (I'm trying to get into a computer design class guys... get excited!)  So there's that.  CSU also has an amazing fiber arts professor... so get pumped and excited right now for whenever I can fit THAT class into my schedule!

As far as football games go though...  I will always ALWAYS bleed University of Utah RED!  Sorry, Rams.

Happy weekend all!  Stitch happy!

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