Tuesday, November 27, 2012


OK OK OK!!!  Voting starts today!  You have the power to cast a vote and help Krochet Kids international win ONE MILLION FREAKIN DOLLARS to continue their work empowering women in Uganda, Peru, and who knows where next (hint hint... HERE) to rise above poverty!


(The wood paneling behind Kohl was hand stained by my fellow freakin awesome interns, the hat Kohl is wearing was made by Lucy... my inspiration while I was there - she makes the best hats, I did a lot of quality control checking... and the cycle of change painted on the wall was done by my favorite Aussie -Leah... I helped hold the ladder and tried not to freak out about her falling... I worry... I can't help it...)

So it is time friends!  Vote at http://bit.ly/vote4kki.

And watch the American Giving Awards which of course is happening on my lady (and fellow intern) Liz's birthday (Dec 8) and one year and one day after we heard we were picked to work at this awesome place.

So crafters unite!  Help some amazing women on the other side of the world by helping this organization...  #letsdothis   !!!!!!!!!!

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