Monday, November 5, 2012

OMG! PUPPY! (I looooove puppies!)

I think my California roommates thought I was a little crazy the first time they saw me flip out over a Boston Terrier... OK... maybe I am a little crazy!  They're just so darn cute!

I finally got the chance to hit up some craft stores looking for my book!  No luck here in the Fort... hopefully it will be stocked soon.

I soothed my lack of book sadness with a yummy coffee drink called "The Salty Dog" and then went and played with the Boston Terrier puppy at the pet store.

Sad to say he probably won't be joining this little stitching family any time soon... Harley is a grumpy, trouble making, old dog... we would hate to set him loose on a puppy this cute - he's just not very nice!

So for now, I'm just Boston Terrier dreaming...   Someday...

Some insta-SansLimitesCrochet...

 PS - like that bright blue hat?  It's been a long time since I have written a knit pattern!  That's the one I'm working on this week!  So glad it's hat weather again! 

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