Thursday, January 31, 2013


I'm taking a product development class where we do all of our work in groups.  Friday we took the Myers-Briggs test so our professor can place us with people... that we will work well with? 

I took this test in high school and couldn't remember what I was... but did remember being one of only two people to raise my hand (in a huge lecture hall full of people) when my personality type was called.  Now, reading up on the INFJ, I learn that it is the rarest of the 16 personality types... so I'm guessing my personality is still the same as it was in high school.

Anyway... I've been reading about myself ever since, and it's almost creepy how spot on a lot of the descriptions are... (good at both artistic and scientific pursuits, enjoys being creative, wants a life where they help people, expresses self better through writing, takes a while to open up... and not so awesome stuff like being easily moody or depressed, easily offended, and avoiding conflict whenever possible)... that's pretty much me.

So, obviously completely unrelated to stitching, but a very interesting read.  You can test yourself at  Google your letters, and read up on yourselves too!

Still running a bit behind this week thanks to a very sick puppy and a very special lady's birthday.  I do have a fun DIY on the way... just have to finish it first!  Expect it soon!  Do this personality test to keep yourself entertained until then!

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