Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Loop Stitch Tutorial

So I'm really into this new stitch!  I have so many ideas of cool things to make with it, and hopefully lots of fun patterns to come!  SO...  since it took me a little while to figure out, I thought I'd share a little photo tutorial to help you learn it too (if you don't know it already).

The Santa Hat uses this stitch already and this cool sweater coming soon!

So here's how to get started with this stitch (a great practice DIY using it should be coming later this week... hoorah)!

Begin with a simple single crochet  row... nothing new or fancy involved.  This is the Right Side of the work.
The second row of sc gets a little funky- there will be a loop coming out the back of the stitch appearing on the Right Side... start by inserting hook in previous stitch as always.
Here is the difference,  yarn over.  Use your hook to grab the yarn over a distance away from the hook.  That loop that comes up around your finger will be the loop of the loop stitch.
Pull that yarn over through the stitch.  Your finger is still maintaining the loop at the back of the stitch,  with the loop appearing on the Right Side.
Yarn over as you would with a normal sc stitch.

Pull yarn over through the two loops on hook.
Continue this slightly altered stitch all the way across the row creating a series of loops coming out the back of the stitches you are working on and appearing on the Right Side of the work.  This is the view from the Wrong Side of the work.
This is what it looks like on the Right Side of the work.
Now make a regular sc row across... no loops this time.
Continue making regular sc rows when the Right Side of the work is facing, and the Loop Stitch when the Wrong Side of the work is facing (allowing the loops to appear on the Right Side).

And after a few rows... The Right Side of the work looks like this!!!  All cool and loopy!
And that's it!  Try it out a little if you want!  A good chance to practice the stitch is coming up later in the week!  Email SansLimitesCrochet@gmail.com with any questions!


Suzy said...

Have you used this stich in the round yet? Like a hat? Would ever row be loop stitch or would you alternate a row of sc and a row of loop?

Sans Limites Crochet said...

Hi Suzy!

I did do it in the round on the Santa hat. I still do every other row in that case because the loop stitch has a tendency to stretch out, and that row of sc keeps it tight and packed in a bit more.

Just remember that the loop comes out the back of the stitch, so as you are working in the round, what is normally the wrong side, would become the right side... which can get a little confusing!

Hope that helps!


Suzy said...

Psh. Silly me! You did mention the Santa hat in your post!!! My hubby likes to say that when I pushed this baby out I pushed my brain right out with him!!
This is a very wonderful tutorial!