Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Throw DIY

This is a variation of the massive Blanket DIY that I made for my mom for her birthday!

It's so much quicker to work up, and still helps keep you warm... YAY!

the variations...
Use a hook 2 sizes larger than you would use for the blanket.
Make 16 of the squares... leave the last 3 rows of sc off of these squares.
Join in a row of 4 using the same technique for joining that you used for the blanket, going back and forth making 3 dc stitches in each of the ch-3 spaces.  Join 4 rows of 4 together so you make one large square.

Just large enough to be used as a throw at the end of your bed, or for cuddling up on the couch!

YAY!  Have fun with it!  Happy stitching!

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