Tuesday, April 23, 2013

One Crazy Week Made a Whole Lot Better

Hi All!

If you have been following me on Facebook, you may have been eagerly anticipating the photos from the Sans Limites/ One OAK photo shoot... I was too.  But one crazy week started out with one crazy wind storm making our photo shoot impossible.  So... continue eagerly anticipating... they will come soon!

Other things that made this week crazy?  A blizzard.  Timed perfectly with the arrival of the amazing Liz Jones as she and her friend Sarah came to visit us in Colorado.  At least we were trapped indoors with fantastic company.

But the CRAZIEST part of the week... was watching all that happened in Boston.  As many of you know, my sister lives in Boston, along with some good friends from high school and family friends and relatives and probably a lot of people that mean a whole lot to all of you.  So as yarn enthusiasts, you can go to yarn.com and buy a whole lotta great yarn from WEBS - America's Yarn Store and they will donate 5% to The One Fund Boston.  Never been a better excuse to buy some yarn.  Boston Strong.

I love Cotton Fleece by Brown Sheep based out of Nebraska.  A great American based yarn company if you are feeling especially patriotic this week.  

New patterns in the works... including a swimsuit I worked on during the blizzard.
Happy stitching.

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