Friday, May 10, 2013

Things that are happening...

Who reads crochet blogs on a Friday night?  Probably very few of you (but if you are reading, AWESOME and THANKS).  This is the first chance I've had to do a blog post in a while - bad I know.

So... I have had some cool new things in the works, but the prototyping has been held up by back ordered yarn, the photos held up by adverse weather (yeah, we had a blizzard on May Day), and the writing held up by a massive final project for my product development class and working on my graduate thesis proposal...  learning some really cool things I will have to get to sharing with you!

ANYWAY...  As things are settling down on the school front, I'm trying to get a lot of Sans Limites Crocheting done before summer session starts.  And, we might as well kick it off with a Mother's Day sale, right?  RIGHT.  I'll get going on that and share more info with you on here and on facebook tomorrow... for now... I should probably actually work on finishing a few things for my mother.

Hope you all are headed into a positively fantastic weekend filled with some happy stitching!

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