Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Extra idea for The Pineapple Robe

You may have purchased the pattern to make the pineapple robe... it has been pretty popular which is pretty awesome - it's my favorite too!

So say you don't want to invest ALL that time and ALL that yarn...  Make a shorter version!

Repeat the pattern for the body pieces 3 times total on the back piece,  once to establish the collar for each of the front pieces, and then 2 repeats of the normal pattern after that, and two repeats of the pattern for the sleeves.  Now you have a nice short summer sweater instead of a robe!  YAY!  Stitch happy!

1 comment:

Jania said...

This pattern is absolutely AMAZING!!!! I love it ; ) I'm in the process of completing the robe and I'm so anxious for the end result.