Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lace at the Avenir ...and how crochet saved lives...

Hi all!  Hope you had a fantastic weekend!  I sure did!  (Check out my instagram for pics of the Maroon Bells up in Aspen - I really love my homestate!!!)

I keep talking about this fun DIY I want to share - but it involves black leggings - and with temps in the 90's here - I just haven't been able to force myself to put them on and take pictures of them.  If it ever cools down - it will be coming - till then, if you have an extra pair of black leggings lying around (or any other color), get them ready for a cool crochet DIY!

So one of the coolest things about the grad program I'm in (Design and Merchandising and Colorado State University) is that we have our own museum - WHAT?  Pretty cool, huh?  The Avenir is our own little textile museum that exhibits darn cool historical and cultural textiles.  Last year they had a ton of really cool Peruvian weaving and THIS YEAR historic lace!!!

HISTORIC LACE!!!  That means there are some wicked cool historical crochet pieces in there right now.  Fun fact learned at the lecture last week - selling Irish crochet lace helped keep families alive during the Irish potato famine.  It literally saved lives.  (I'm 1/4 Irish - and my family members lived through the potato famine - maybe they were crocheters - I'll have to check into it!)  Anyway - I love stuff like that!

If you can make it to the museum here in Fort Collins - you should.  If not, I've included some of my favorite crochet pictures down below.  Enjoy.  Happy stitching!

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