Friday, September 13, 2013

My Heart in Colorado

I love my home state more than I can put into words.  The extreme weather we have seen here in the last two years between forest fires, blizzards, and floods has effected so many lives and destroyed so many homes.  Last weekend,  I took my visiting aunt up to Rocky Mountain National Park.  We have a yearly pass to this place which is truly one of my absolute favorite spots in the whole world.  For us, it is a quick hour on Highway 34 up a mountain canyon along a small river and we can hike through some of the most beautiful mountains in existence.  Below is a video of what that road looks like today.  My heart is a little broken knowing I won't be able to visit my sanctuary for a while.  Here in north Fort Collins, we are cut off from south Fort Collins.  The city is shut down and just about every road that crosses the Poudre River is closed in case it takes out a bridge. All of I-25 is closed and lots of it is covered in water.   The Red Cross has set up at my old elementary school.  I'm completely safe, but my heart is breaking for all the fantastic people in this state.  Love to you Coloradoans - the best people in the world!

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