Friday, January 29, 2010


Lots of new and exciting things have been happening in the Sans Limites Crochet world this week!

First and foremost, I have become a member of the Etsy Shredwear Team! (Notice the button to the right!) What does that mean? It means I'm gathering together with some other sellers on Etsy to promote one another's stuff because we all make stuff that is perfect for wearing on the slopes! Check out their blog at! Also look for Etsy Shredwear on Twitter, facebook, and search for it on Etsy!!!

Second , I've made this blog much nicer. Please take notice of 1... the Etsy Shredwear button, 2... the Etsy mini store, 3... the link to the facebook fan page, and 4... the link to my twitter updates. Everything is connected now so there is no way you will miss when I update my shop!!!

And third, I was sick with a cold all of last week. Sounds like a bummer for me (it was) but awesome for you cause I have made a ton of new hats!!! Hopefully they will be photographed tomorrow and added soon, so keep an eye out!

I'm soo soo sooooo excited about Sans Limites Crochet and all the other crafters/artists involved in the Etsy Shredwear team... they have truly made some totally awesome stuff that I know you will enjoy!

Shop away!!!!

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