Monday, February 1, 2010


Hey fun friends/fans/fellow stitchers!

So! I have recently listed some hats that I made and in keeping with the shredwear spirit I took them up snowboarding with me on Saturday to be photographed. They turned out ok...

This hat is my favorite! Very shredwear appropriate!

I got some requests over the weekend for my headband pattern! I've never written a pattern down, but that is a goal of mine for the new year, so I'm going to try and attempt it this week. It will be posted on here for FREE under the condition that fellow stitchers give me some constructive criticism on how to make it more clear and easy to follow... I'm assuming my first time writing it down might sound a bit confusing!

While I wish I could work on that RIGHT now... I first have to finish studying anatomy, study some anthro, read some anthro, sleep, anatomy class, study more, anthro test, anatomy quiz, chem lab write up, anatomy lab, yoga class, dinner date with April, do some laundry, make a post office run, and start packing for my Boston weekend! (All orders placed Thursday through Sunday will not be shipped until Mon-Wed of the next week cause I'm going to be touring the east coast for a weekend- yippee!)... anyway... long to do list... better get started!

Shop etsy and stitch away!!! -S

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