Friday, February 12, 2010


So, things on the SansLimitesCrochet page have slowed down this week for 2 reasons...
1. I just finished a week of solid cramming for my anatomy exam. I can trace inhaled oxygen through every little bit of your lung into your blood system through the heart, through every artery down to your left toe, back through every vein and over and out again... feeling quite accomplished!

and 2. I spent a fantastic weekend in Boston with my dear friend Emily!!! (ok, ok, probably not the best idea the week before an anatomy exam, but I couldn't resist!) It was tremendously cold, but Emily and I were determined to see the sites! We walked the freedom trail till our hands went numb and then stopped at one of the many Starbucks just to wrap our hands around something warm and wait for the feeling to come back into our toes!

Sans Limites Crochet hats kept us warm... well, as warm as you can be in Boston in February...

Here we are in our most classic tourist moment... drinking Sam Adams beer in Cheers mugs... at Cheers. Lots of fun. Emily is wearing The Baseball Hat in red and rainbow, and I am wearing The Ear Cozy in teal.

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