Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tis the Season...

Ok... so normally when people say "Tis the Season..." they are referring to the Holiday/Winter Season. Well, if the rest of the country has been like Utah lately, we have seen that spring is... well... springing. Normally we don't think of crochet and knit hats once it starts to get warmer... but Sans Limites Crochet is prepared for this warmer season!

First... I just finished my entries for the St. Patty's Day Competition for the Etsy Shredwear Team. Check out this awesome headband and necklace that will keep you from getting pinched while drinking your Guiness this March 17th. Buy them if you want... (YAY) but definitely check out these entries along with other awesome ones from the Shredwear team on the Etsy Shredwear Blog and vote on your favorite the week before the holiday!

ALSO... It's Carnival season in Brazil. If you are wondering why I know this (since I clearly live in Utah) it is because I have recently joined a Samba drum and dance group called Samba Fogo. And on March 19th, we are having a Samba Queen dance off to see who will be the queen of Carnival. That combined with spring break has me motivated for the next project.... a crocheted bikini... Should be coming soon (as long as I can keep up with Chemistry and Anatomy midterms).

So yes, it is getting warmer... but it is still the season for some awesome Sans Limites Crochet!

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