Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Big Game Day! GO UTES!

So today is one of my favorite days of fall semester. It is the day I pick up my MUSS tickets. What is the MUSS you may ask? It is the Mighty Utah Student Section. We've been ranked in ESPN's top student sections and we support crazy fun traditions like the 3rd down jump and the dancing Crazy Lady between 3rd and 4th quarter (also featured as ESPN's top 20 super fans from around the country).

Check out my wicked awesome MUSS t-shirt!

So what else is awesome about game day? Well it's a great chance to get crafty in the name of your team, of course! This year I'm making Utah hats... for when the weather gets colder. I make mine all red with a big white U stitched on top! You can make the letters of your team for your own hat too! I took out one of my favorite Utah sweatshirts and used the U as a pattern for increasing and decreasing stitches until a letter is formed! Voila! Team - spirited gear! If making letters is too tricky for you, or your school has a lot of them (I'm thinking Colorado State... CSU is just too many letters to try and fit on a hat), you can pick your school's colors and make a regular ol' beanie striped in your support!!! Here is my Utah hat!

Not into stitching? Games never get cold enough for a hat? Well if your school doesn't provide you with a wicked awesome fitted t-shirt like my MUSS does... check out what these gals have to offer. They turn a baggy T-shirt into style in no time! Stop by THE HOME TEE(m) and get them to customize for your school!

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