Saturday, August 14, 2010

Craft Lake City

It's always so inspiring to see how creative the community you live in is. Today I went shopping at Craft Lake City! My list of all time favorite things that I would buy instantly if I had a $1,000 to spend?

1. Necklaces and Vintage skirts from Noble Town Vintage

2. Feathered Earrings from Luxe Plumes

3. Wicked awesome clutch purses from Amber Dunford at

4. A Joie de Vivre print from Allison Cornu at

5. A wicked awesome journal using old books as the covers from Word Up Journals

6. A custom biking backpack from Velo City Bags

7. A Messenger bag from ArieLeeflang

Ahhhh... all such wicked awesome stuff! I love it, and I wish I could have it all!!!

1 comment:

noble town vintage said...

That was such a fun event! I only wish there were more of them put on. Thanks for the shout out!