Monday, September 27, 2010

Darn Good Yarn

So last week I met up with Nicole Snow - fearless leader of Darn Good Yarn. I was lucky enough to get some awesome awesome yarn in exchange for a little pattern writing. And I am wicked excited!

This yarn is hand spun (and sewn) in Nepal and India. In the words of Nicole herself, this yarn is rockin because "You’ll be contributing to a grassroots economy in Nepal and India. When you craft up this yarn you’ll automatically be connected with the people, mainly women, living on the other side of the world. An immense amount of time and raw skill goes into each hand crafted skein. The silks are sorted, teased by hand and then hand-spun to create the yarn. We only do business with co-ops who provide fair trade and wages to the people who create Darn Good Yarn’s yarn. This in turn provides locals with wages, healthcare & education benefits for them and their families."

That's a darn good idea! And I will be the first to admit that I am typically victim to finding really basic factory made yarns that have no spunk in them. This yarn is different. It's so beautiful on it's own, you don't even need to make anything with it to admire it!!! And I really really really did love using it. As I was stitching I felt a connection to women around the world. Crafting is typically done by women - but now instead of it being something that we sit home and do while hubbies are at work, it's become an empowering tool in Nepal, India, AND the United States. Using this yarn I felt a connection to women all over the world ... just as Nicole said I would. It's not often that I stop my project and sit in amazement at the fact that the product I am using to make something was made by a woman in a totally different part of the world. Wicked awesome, darn good, super extraordinary... get yourself some. ASAP.

Here is my silk sari yarn in blue and multicolor, some hand- spun silk, and fun felt balls.

My silk sari circle shawl. Look for the pattern coming soon.

The tied up circle scarf made of hand -spun silk from Nepal.

And finally, the criss cross knit silk sari cowl! Cozy!!!

Oh yeah... and beyond HAVING a product that actually helps the world, Nicole has a blog with other ways you can help the world and your community. I know I'm a follower, and you should be too! Get Involved!


darngoodyarn said...

Oh my God these look ridiculously off the hook!!

Amanda said...

Love the cowl, it's an amazing color!