Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Anthropologie is a wicked awesome store! I can't afford much in there (although I splurged on my graduation dress and a second dress to wear to all the weddings I went to last year). But - I often go in there just to find some inspirations. The store, the clothing, the decor ... it's all creative and inspiring!

I went window shopping with Diana this weekend - one of my favorite things to do! What inspiration did I find there? Feathers. I already am loving the feathered headbands, and the feathered earrings... now I'm thinking feathers on hats. Like this one!

Another exciting Anthropologie find? Well ... long story... My last name is Dudek - it's Czech. Last Summer my dad made it to the Czech Republic and discovered our last name is actually a really cool bird (he brought back framed pictures of it). In Anthropologie there is a purse with a bunch of different birds on it and they are labeled... including the Dudek bird! I got very excited!!
YAY Dudek!

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