Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fall Colors

Wow... sorry for the lag in blog posts... been busy studying, samba dancing, and celebrating father dear's birthday!

On to all things stitching!

This week in Salt Lake City it is 80+ degrees outside... all week. It sure does not feel like Fall. BUT since it is my favorite season, I can spot it from a mile away! Walking home from class yesterday a beautiful leaf in a bright vibrant yellow fell from a tree and slowly, gracefully spun in perfect circles to fall right in my path. I have the perfect campus to walk through in fall. Lots of trees, some old buildings, and the breathtaking mountains in the background! As I continued walking... I noticed more and more leaves falling and it brought a definite smile to my face.

Hence... the Falling Leaf Scarf! You might as well wear something that mimics the beauty of the season? Don't you agree?
More color selections to come!

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