Saturday, September 18, 2010

5 Ways to Wear the Coziest of Cowls

Again... a decline in blog posts (microbiology will be done Monday, pathopysiology done Tuesday... soooo close!)
I do have a little bit of time to tell you about my new favorite item in the shop - The Coziest of Cowls.
I have two listed right now (blue and burgundy - really beautiful colors! the orange just sold! Yippee!) The pattern is also for sale in the shop for $5! It's a really quick one to make and fairly simple for the beginning knitter.

The best part about this cowl is that there are so many awesome ways to wear it and look good!

Here is the cowl worn around the neck, like a necklace (stretched so you can see the pattern!).

The cowl can also be worn up around the head like a hood - protecting your hair-do from the snow!

Here it is worn down around the shoulders to show a bit of skin!

Here it is worn down around the torso as a body warmer! (Shout out to all my fellow ballerinas out there!)

Here it can work double duty to keep both your shoulders and your neck nice and cozy warm!

I really love this cowl! I've even been wearing my grey one around in the 80 degree Salt Lake heat! So check it out in the shop and if you are a fellow stitcher think about getting the pattern! Love it!

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