Monday, October 25, 2010

A Hyperbolic Crochet Corral Reef

I love projects like this.
Combine arts, crochet, creativity, women's craft, mathematics, environmental issues, biology, Australia and the Smithsonian... what do you get? This totally awesome project.

"So here, in wool, through a domestic feminine art is proof that the most famous postulate in mathematics is wrong."

Check this site to learn more about the project. And here to watch some awesome videos


CamilleElise said...

I was JUST at the Smithsonian and saw the crochet coral reef. It took me a minute to realize it wasn't a coral reef and that it was crochet. It's absolutely breathtaking.

Saraloves2dance said...

So cool, Camille! I really want to go now! I'm glad to hear you liked it! Hope you had a great trip!!!

Nancy said...

I remember a Christmas break some 10 years when my friend's boyfriend insisted I teach him how to crochet so he could make parabolas. We spent the whole holiday making all the formulas he could think of and then pulling them out so we wouldn't have to buy new yarn!

Emily said...

I saw this in Wired magazine this month, and it was on my list of "postworthy" topics! So awesome, right?

Saraloves2dance said...

Nancy - that story makes me laugh out loud! I love that craft was used in such a smart way!

And Emily - I totally agree! I definitely want to try and make a trip to see it!