Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dogeared Jewelry has no limits!!!

So this post is more fashion related than craft related... but they really can go hand in hand so easily. I love Dogeared Jewelry. My mother bought me this necklace when we were shopping for a ballgown for her (for the Epilepsy Gala) and I wear it EVERY SINGLE day. It is a karma necklace that not only reminds me of my sweet mom, but also the idea that if you send love and positive energy out into the world, it will always come back to you... and... it's really cute.

New on my wish list is this other Dogeared necklace... the infinity symbol for endless love. I named my crochet company Sans Limites because of the famous Isadora Duncan (a mother of modern dance) quote where she says, "My motto - sans limites!" This infinite love necklace symbolizes a love and a life with no limits. Love it.

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