Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'm BACK! Power to the Pom!!!

Wow! Did anyone else have a crazy crazy month? Life has been flying by since Thanksgiving between handmade Christmas gifts, birthdays, snowboarding, finals, and travel delays! BUT, I'm back and have a brand new FREE pattern for you to try out!

This pattern is fairly simple, and a super quick knit! I whipped up many a hat this holiday break!

So here it is... The Power to the Pom Hat! Message me with any questions you have!

Supplies: 1 skein bulky yarn, stitch marker, Size 13 16" circular knitting needles, tapestry needle, Pom Pattern (see below)

Stitches: Knit (k), Purl (p), Knit 2 Together (k2tog)

Cast on 40 stitches. Join in the circular pattern to be worked in the round taking care not to twist your stitches.

Row 1: *k1, p1. Repeat from * all the way around the circle.

Repeat Row 1 until hat measures about 7 inches from bottom to top.

Begin making the top of hat by decreasing.

Decrease Row 1: K2tog all the way around (you will have 20 stitches on the needle after this row).
Row 2: K all the way around (no decrease made this row, still 20 stitches on the needle).
Decrease Row 3: K2tog all the way around (you will have 10 stitches on the needle after this row).
Row 4: K all the way around.

Finish by cutting a fairly long distance away from the work and threading the tail through the remaining 10 stitches on the needle using a tapestry needle or crochet hook, and knot off. Weave in ends.

Time to make that powerful POM!!!

There are many ways to make a Pom and various kits you can buy... use the method you prefer. Also - I like this hat with the biggest Pom I can manage on top... but not all enjoy such a massive bobble on top of your head, so of course, make a pom in a size you love or even leave it off completely!

Here is how I make my pom.

1. Cut out TWO pieces of cardboard in this shape and approximate size. Click on the image and print it to use as a pattern, or make your own. (Save these cardboard pom makers for use in the future!)

2. Cut a longer piece of yarn and place it between the two pieces of cardboard running along the inner circle with tails coming out the bottom. (Pictures of this step and all the following steps to come when I can clear enough space on my computer to get them on here!

3. Start wrapping around the cardboard and continue wrapping until the inner circle of the cardboard is near full and cut.

4. Tie the two tails falling down the bottom as tightly as possible.

5. Cut through the many pieces of yarn between the two pieces of cardboard all the way around.

6. Pull the pieces of cardboard off and you have your pom! Attach it to your hat with the two longer tails making a very secure knot!

CONGRATS! Enjoy your Power to the Pom Hat!

Please email me or leave a comment if you have any questions! Thanks for stopping by and happy stitching!



BeUnRuffled said...

You're awesome. I can't wait till I get home!!!! I didn't bring any stitching stuff on my trip and now we are stranded and stuck! Hopefully I will be able to get home tomorrow.....

Sans Limites Crochet said...

NOOOOOO.... no stitching? What a nightmare! Safe travels!