Monday, November 8, 2010

Putting a Face on Uganda (Follow up to Calling all Crafters!!!)

Ok, so... I realized that having some pictures to give you an idea of where these blankets are going might get you a bit more inspired. SOOOO... this is the area of Uganda where your 11X11 knit/crochet squares will head to once finished!

Here is a picture of my friend, Carly at the hospital in Kapchorwa. This is where we did interviews with women dealing with incontinence. Carly is almost finished with the nursing program at the U of U!

Here is a picture of Carly and Ashley set up in the hospital getting ready to interview some women! (Of course, no pictures of the actual women to be treated - patient privacy is important and this is a very private health issue).

Here is Brittin and Sherry setting up a room for an interview! This is in the hospital as well - a place where the electricity frequently goes out and you can sometimes get wet when it rains! (It rains a lot here!)

This is a view of the city of Kapchorwa from the inn we stayed at.

It rains a lot in Kapchorwa... and vans can get stuck in the mud in the middle of the night! (Mmmm... a warm blanket would be so nice to cuddle in after a night like this!)

You have to drive in a crowded van for many hours to get to Kapchorwa (but on a paved road, which is a nice treat, and definitely not a guarantee when traveling in Uganda!) BUT... it is on some mountain roads... and our van had to stop many times before the radiator finally gave up and we had a brief stranded moment. Love adventures!

Here I am visiting a school in Kapchorwa in the rain - it rains so much there! And it is very cold for Africa!

Here we are visiting an orphanage in a different part of Uganda, but you encounter orphans EVERYWHERE in Uganda...

Here we are conducting a women's health seminar in a different area of Uganda.

The area around Kapchorwa is absolutely beautiful! Look at Sippi Falls!

OK!!! So now you know where your knit or crochet squares will end up! You have until April or so to make as many squares as you have time for! Send them to :

1754 E. Ft. Douglas Cir.
Salt Lake City, UT

Thank you for taking the time to read this!


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