Thursday, March 10, 2011

Loving Home: My Dressing Table

I recently rearranged the furniture in my itty bitty teeny tiny bedroom so I could add some table space. I'm loving it... getting ready in the morning is so much more fun!

I bought this dressing table at Ikea with some leftover birthday money. It is covered in cheap little trinkets from Ikea and treasures from my journeys. The silk scarf hanging on the wall ties my whole room together. I bought it in a spice market in Istanbul before I realized the importance of bartering... but I'm so glad I have it!

I filled a glass vase with candles and black sand from the beaches of Santorini. I used a candle holder my sister bought me to display my make up brushes, and I'm using the ashtray I bought in Dubai to store random earrings and hair pins.

This silk scarf was a gift from my mother. She died it herself and added the texture. I think it is too beautiful to wear, so I have it displayed on my table.

I bought this jewelry stand on sale at Urban Outfitters. It is a great way to display (and easily find) some of my jewelry!

My sister bought these heart-shaped polished stones for me for Christmas from Ten Thousand Villages (a fair trade store that I LOVE!). They have the words "Peace," "Joy," and "Hope" carved into them. Wonderful words to look at each morning!

I found this magnet while shopping in Salt Lake City's Trolley Square with my best friend visiting from Washington. I've stuck it on my mirror because they are such wonderful words to remember. Sans Limites (No Limits)!

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CamilleElise said...

Love it! SO PRETTY! :)