Friday, May 13, 2011

Ideas, ideas, ideas

Sooo... my high school was weirdly specific about how our graduation march worked out. To guarantee everyone lined up the way they were supposed to we had "junior escorts." You dressed in white and helped make sure the seniors marched in the way they were supposed to and stood up at the right time... etc.

To be a junior escort I got the only white dress I could stand at the time (pictures to come later). I guess I brought the dress out here to Utah with me... maybe my freshmen year (?), left it in my dad's storage space in his Utah condo, and rediscovered this long lost dress just a couple weeks ago... not worn since my junior escort days.

I should have gotten rid of it... I really should have... but I've found I'm getting really into recycling anything that I could remake into something awesome. So today I found this AMAZING dress on Free People and decided I'm going to attempt to tea stain this old high school dress of mine and add some crochet bits to make it totally a whole new dress.

Here is my inspiration: project photos to come...

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