Monday, May 16, 2011

My Cup of Tea: Adventures in Tea Staining

This weekend I took an old dress from high school and started to give it a new look with my mama Kay from Colorado Felt and Fiber Arts.

Here is our photo adventure in tea staining.

My old dress... pre-staining...

Giving the dress a good soak before staining...

A BIG pot of tea... letting it steep for a good long while with lots of tea bags!

Removing the tea bags once it is good strong tea.

In goes the dress!

Using a spoon to poke out all the air bubbles so it gets good and submerged... and let it sit for a few hours.

Add some vinegar to the mix after a little while to help it hold the color.

Finishing! (Let it cool, and don't burn yourself!)

Giving it a good washing to rinse out the tea and vinegar.

Ta Da! Still some more work to do before I wear it, but it has been Tea Stained!

Grab yourself something cute and white to experiment with and try out some tea staining for yourself!

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